Light Vehicle Towing & Transport

GTT operates small tilt trays which are designed and equipped in a manner to safely and cost effectively tow or transport passenger and light commercial vehicles weighing up to 4.0T including up to Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 and Mercedes Benz Vito sized vehicles. Some titlt trays are fitted with a rear underlift which enables the movement of a second vehicle at the same time.

Tilt tray trucks are also used to transport small items of plant and machinery and due to their compact nature are ideal for gaining access to vehicles or equipment where space is limited. They are the back bone of GTT’s towing capability and are generally the ones dispatched when there is a requirement for vehicles to be moved for trade repairs, small machinery movements, repossession call outs or for roadside assist activities.

Where equipment is to be towed behind the tow truck, a range of couplings is available including 50mm ball and pintle hook.