Truck Transport Services

Truckst are normally transported in one of three ways (tow, load or drive) and GTT is able to facilitate all of them. The method utilised is determined by multiple factors including, but not limited to;

  • Condition of the truck (damaged/operational or not)
  • The distance to be moved,
  • The size of the truck (height, weight and length)
  • The pick up location (is recovery required) and destination, and
  • Any safety considerations

Availability of equipment at that time, providing value for money and ensuring timely service are also determining factors when dispatching equipment and people.


Where dimensions allow, loading a truck onto the back of a tilt tray or trailer is generally regarded as the safest and quickest way to transport.


A heavy tow truck with rear underlift can be utilised if there is a recovery function to undertake and/or the dimensions are such that the truck combination cannot be transported on a truck or trailer.


Where trucks are in a mechanically sound condition, registered and roadworthy, the most cost effective option may be to use a GTT driver to drive the vehicle. This method of movement is especially cost effective over longer distances.

GTT is able to provide experienced drivers and, appropriate insurance to facilitate this method of movement.

GTT Transport Solutions

Should the need arise, GTT has in place arrangements with likeminded companies to provide heavy haulage floats, materials handling equipment and cranes.

Similarly, GTT has in place arrangements to ensure that towing and transport services can extend from Kalgoorlie to all parts of WA as well as interstate.