Recovery Services

Tilt Tray Recovery


Recovery can come in many forms and for a wide variety of reasons...

Bogged, Off road, Damaged, Non operational

GTT responds to a variety of recoveries in the Goldfields-Esperance region ranging from a truck's wheel bearings overheating to a point where they catch fire (and suddenly the entire rig is engulfed in flames); or a 4WD which has hit a patch of bull dust on an access track and flips onto its roof; through to a prime movers breaking down on muddy mine sites - all require a high level of organisational ability and access to a wide range of equipment and expertise to effect recovery safely and cost effectively.

Regardless of the reason for recovery, the underlying skills and requirements necessary to effect a successful recovery are;

  • The ability to manage the scene,
  • To eliminate risk and danger to people and property,
  • Provide the correct equipment and human resources to undertake the task in a time and cost effective manner, and
  • Leave the scene with little evidence of what has transpired.