GTT at Work

GTT's unique set of skills, capability and the ability to manage situations and projects have meant that our services are sought after by a wide variety of industry groups including;

  • Equipment hire companies - transport and recovery.
  • Car transport companies - local agency, transport and storage.
  • Auction companies - transport, storage, vehicle assessment and mechanical services.
  • Government - transport and emergency services support.
  • Insurers - transport and storage.
  • Financiers, Mercantile/Repossession agents, Liquidators - transport, mechanical services, recovery and security.
  • Roadside assist organisations - transport, recovery.
  • TV & Film production - transport, mechanical services, on-site film set erection.

Support (subcontract) Resources

GTT has in place arrangements whereby we can access equipment and experienced operators to undertake a range of functions where there is no in-house capability. Prior to being approved as a GTT subcontractor, a company must have a proven track record in the industry in which it specialises and be able to meet the same criteria and standards that GTT imposes upon
itself, its Management Team and all employees.